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Anti-Aging Facial
-20 %
Packed with high concentration of collagen, our anti-aging facial have been the top of our list for being our customers favourite facial option. This facial not ideal for anyone looking for permane..
JPY32,000円 JPY40,000円
Hair Colouring
-20 %
Select your hair color from our wide spectrum of color selections to match your fashion needs. Matching your intended color-tone for your hair is like an everyday affair for them. Our profession..
JPY80,000円 JPY100,000円
-20 %
With our toes exposed, it is always necessary to complement it with our fashion needs, We have a wide selection of colours and gems to beautify and highlight your toes, and all our manicurist are w..
JPY20,000円 JPY25,000円
-20 %
Providing you with professional advice for the most ideal and fashionable hairstyle that suits you best. Our professional hairstylist are well trained and certified professionals whom are able to a..
JPY18,000円 JPY22,500円
Brightening Facial
-20 %
A classic option to give your skin a radiant glow, Brightening Facial not only brightens your skin but is especially good at whitening the tone of your skin too. Our special formula is sure to brin..
JPY60,000円 JPY75,000円
LED Facial
-20 %
Though expensive, but you are assured of results in just one session with us. LED Facial have successfully move into the beauty industry and make a name for its amazing effects on the skin. Capable..
JPY130,000円 JPY162,500円

Best Sellers

-20 %
Balayage, Ombre and Sombre hair coloring technique requires high technical skills to bring out a natural and well blended effect. Only our top hairstylist whom past our test are allowed to provide..
JPY150,000円 JPY187,500円
Lymphatic Massage Facial
-20 %
Having water retention in your face is the worst nightmare to all ladies. With our Lymphatic Massage Facial, we assure that reduction of water retention on the face will be visible in just a singl..
JPY2,000円 JPY2,500円
Hair Curling
-20 %
Hair curling is a great way to keep your facial shape sharp, elegant and look fashionable whilst adding volume to it. Providing you with professional advice for the most ideal and fashionable hairs..
JPY56,000円 JPY70,000円